Friday, 23 September 2011

JISC Grant Funding 15/11: Embedding impact analysis good practice in research using BCE practitioners

JISC invites institutions to submit funding proposals for partnership projects to embed technology-enabled good practice in impact analysis in research departments, using the expertise of Business and Community Engagement (BCE) staff.

Funding is available for tripartite collaborative partnership projects comprising BCE 'impact analysts', research groups and information management expertise. These projects will help institutions embed processes, capabilities and technologies for identifying, analysing and articulating the impact and benefits of their research in order to enhance their impact and sustainability.

An on-line matching process will bring together interested research groups, impact analysts and information management experts.

£240,000 is available to fund 8 projects at £30,000 each. Projects of 6 months duration will commence in January 2012 and complete by 30 June 2012.

*The deadline for bids is 31 October 2011.*

The full text of the call is available at


Proposals may be submitted by HE institutions funded via HEFCE, SFC, HEFCW and DEL Northern Ireland, and by FE institutions funded via BIS, SFC, DFES Wales and DEL Northern Ireland.

With regard to bids from Scottish institutions, SFC has applied a significant budget cut to JISC in 2011-12 AY. Following consultation with Scottish institutions, SFC has requested that the impact of this budget cut falls on the number of innovation projects JISC is able to fund at Scottish institutions, rather than to cut or increase charges for national services, such as JANET, JISC Collections and JISC Advance. Whilst Scottish institutions therefore remain eligible to bid for project funding in response to this call, depending on the quality of the submissions, JISC may need to limit the number of projects awarded to Scottish institutions.

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