Friday, 23 September 2011

Edinburgh-internal selection - JISC Grant Funding 14/11: Access to Resources and Open Innovation Phase 2

JISC has announced new calls for Access to Resources and Open Innovation projects. The deadline for expressions of interest is *19th October 2011* and Scottish institutions can bid direct.

The Edinburgh-internal selection process for this call:

*By 4pm on Monday 3^rd October 2011*, please email to * <> (51 4055) *an outline of your proposed application. This needs to:

- Be approximately one (1) A4 page in length - Give a summary of the proposed objectives, timescale and required resources - Exemplify how the proposed work addresses the key criteria of the JISC call - Demonstrate how the proposal will excite the JISC reviewers

Judy Hardy ( and Jo-Anne Murray ( .htm)

have both kindly agreed to act as the Edinburgh-internal reviewers for this call. We hope to advise all applicants of the outcome of the internal review within 2-3 days of the internal deadline and as far as possible in advance of JISC's *19th October* deadline for expressions of interest. In the event of only one application being received for internal review by the internal deadline, this will automatically be permitted go forward to JISC and no review will take place.

Full information about the JISC call can be viewed at

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