Monday, 14 June 2010

EPSRC Email Alert

EPSRC's latest calls for proposals.

Healthcare Partnerships - Town Meeting

Expression of interest: EPSRC is holding a Healthcare Partnerships' Town Meeting on 22 July 2010 in London, to share information about the forthcoming Healthcare Partnerships' call and provide an opportunity to network. Closing Date: 07-07-2010

Collaboration Fund

Expressions of interest: Call for the Collaboration Fund offering support to researchers wishing to work with a commercialising partner in taking forward business opportunities generated from EPSRC funded research. Closing Date: 30-07-2010

Career Acceleration Fellowships 2011

Invitation for outlines: EPSRC offers Career Acceleration Fellowships annually to provide up to five years funding to outstanding researchers at an early stage of their career. Closing Date: 11-08-2010

Leadership Fellowships 2011

Invitation for outlines: support for talented researchers with the most potential to develop into international research leaders who can set and drive new research agendas, by the end of the award. Closing Date: 11-08-2010

If you experience any problems, please contact the EPSRC Helpline: 01793 444100 or

Funding opportunity

Attached is the advertisement for the call for expression of interest, and the information is also available on the website (

Invitation to a FREE JISC-funded event: Management & Adminstration for External Engagement

You and your colleagues are invited to attend a FREE workshop, exploring how external engagement is influencing the current and future role of the management and administrative functions of UK universities and colleges.

30th June: Management and Administration for External Engagement, British Library, London

Full description and booking:

This workshop is aimed at anyone with role working in a management or administrative role at any level (there is no requirement to be currently performing a specialist "engagement"-type role).


The workshop brings together staff to discuss some of the key issues emerging from engagement with the community and businesses outside of their institutions. You can find out more about what this might mean for you and how this workshop might help, here:

Attendees will get a chance to share their experiences as well as an opportunity to find out about the practical support available to help identify, understand and further develop their own external engagement strategies and actions.

The range of engagement activity types and descriptions can also make it difficult to relate them to wider initiatives which could be providing key support and funding. This workshop will help people to make those connections and more importantly, better identify support that is already taking place - but is perhaps not currently recognised.

The workshop is being delivered by JISC Netskills, through the "BCE - Awareness and Education for the Wider JISC Community" project which is specifically focused on the issues for key enabling and support services, within UK HE and FE institutions.

Find out more about the project at:

The project is itself, part of the JISC-funded "Business and Community Engagement (BCE) programme", which aims to provide practical help for institutions to develop their engagement strategies, as well as the systems to support them.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

LMS Scheme 7 Grants

The London Mathematical Society "Scheme 7" grant programme is intended to provide small financial grants (max 500 pounds) to help support a visit for collaborative research at the interface of Mathematics and Computer Science. This is a great opportunity to cover the costs of a brief visit with a (named) Computer Scientist or Mathematician - either by travelling to see them at another institution within the U.K. or abroad, or by having them come to you. The scheme is overseen by the Computer Science Committee of the LMS, which exists to promote the development of links between mathematics and computer science.

The application and reporting processes are deliberately lightweight. See the LMS website for details. Currently we accept applications and evaluate applications at any time but you may want to get your application in before August. From next financial year we will be moving to a more deadline driven approach, which I will announce in due course.