Friday, 16 September 2011

JISC Grant Funding 14/11: Access to Resources and Open Innovation Phase 2

JISC has announced new calls for Access to Resources and Open Innovation projects. The deadline for expressions of interest is 19th October 2011* and Scottish institutions can bid direct.

*N.B. Edinburgh will be operating an internal selection process for this call *as any one institution cannot submit more than one bid.

JISC invites institutions to submit expressions of interest in undertaking projects that will proliferate good practice in */Access to Resources /*and */Open Innovation/*, building on JISC's investment in this area*/./*

Funding for /Access to Resources /projects will help institutions develop and demonstrate the provision-in-partnership of integrated online service models, offering access to information, knowledge and expertise to business and community organisations and individuals, especially SMEs.

Funding for /Open Innovation /projects will help institutions develop and demonstrate effective models for opening up selected knowledge assets for co-development, with externals, in open marketplaces -- creating new business opportunities from online co-development with external parties.

A two-stage bidding process will be undertaken as outlined below:

*Stage 1: *Institutions should submit short two page 'pitches' which outline the institution's response to the programme objectives -- 'pitching' the idea, the partnerships and services / sectors involved.

*Stage 2: *Proposers shortlisted from the first stage will be invited to the second stage and will be required to present and 'pitch' their proposed project in person to an evaluation panel in January 2012 (as well as submit a project delivery plan).

£1 million is available (£80,000-£100,000 per project) to fund 12 month projects -- 6 under the /Access to Resources /strand and 6 under the /Open Innovation /strand. Projects should commence by 1 March 2012 and complete by 28 February 2013.

*The deadline for Stage 1 expressions of interest is 19 October 2011.*

The full text of the call is available at


Proposals may be submitted by HE institutions funded via HEFCE, SFC, HEFCW and DEL Northern Ireland, and by FE institutions funded via BIS, SFC, DFES Wales and DEL Northern Ireland.

With regard to bids from Scottish institutions, SFC has applied a significant budget cut to JISC in 2011-12 AY. Following consultation with Scottish institutions, SFC has requested that the impact of this budget cut falls on the number of innovation projects JISC is able to fund at Scottish institutions, rather than to cut or increase charges for national services, such as JANET, JISC Collections and JISC Advance. Whilst Scottish institutions therefore remain eligible to bid for project funding in response to this call, depending on the quality of the submissions, JISC may need to limit the number of projects awarded to Scottish institutions.

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