Tuesday, 5 October 2010

UoE Moray Endowment small grants competition - deadline 12/11/10

Please see below some information on the UoE Moray Endowment small grants competition. The submission deadline for applications is 12/11/10.

The Fund is intended to support original research in any discipline. Funds are awarded via an annual competition. No awards are made outwith the competition period. The Fund will support: - Pump-priming of research projects to attract outside support - Topping-up funds for research projects, for which support has been exhausted - Typically, requests for equipment in the broadest sense of the word - Support towards travelling expenses in cases where this is vital to the successful completion of a project

Further information and application form: http://www.eri.ed.ac.uk/research-support-and-development/research-development/funding-opportunities/Moray.html

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