Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Funding opportunities with the NIHR SDO programme

The NIHR Service Delivery and Organisation (SDO) programme improves health outcomes for people by commissioning research evidence that improves practice in relation to the organisation and delivery of healthcare. It also builds research capability and capacity to carry out research amongst those who manage, organise and deliver services and to improve their understanding of the research literature and how to use research evidence.


The NIHR SDO programme is advertising a call for research into promising local innovations in healthcare delivery. Innovations to be researched are likely to have all or most of the following characteristics: · Promising innovations in healthcare delivery which have a substantial potential benefit and could be applied more widely in the NHS. · Being piloted, tested or implemented in a number of healthcare organisations. · Involving the application of ideas or technologies introduced or transferred from other countries, sectors or settings. · Focused on service delivery and management issues in healthcare organisations. · And have not already been well explored and tested through research.

This call requires partnership between healthcare organisations and health service researchers with expertise in evaluation. For instance, a project evaluating a new form of diabetes care across a whole health economy might have input from an academic health services team, a lead clinician and the local diabetes network.

Applicants are asked to submit outline proposals for the above call by 5pm on Thursday 16 December. http://www.sdo.nihr.ac.uk/10_1013.html?utm_source=call_alert_OCT&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=10_1013_call

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