Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Internal selection process for next JISC Learning & Teaching Innovation Grants call

As you may be aware, the next deadline for JISC's Learning & Teaching Innovation Grants (http://www.jisc.ac.uk/fundingopportunities/funding_calls/2010/02/ltig5.aspx)

is forecast to be in December 2010 (http://www.jisc.ac.uk/fundingopportunities/futurecalls/grant.aspx). The University will only be permitted to lead on *one* proposal that is submitted to this December deadline. To select this proposal, the University will follow the general process detailed on the attached document. The key information for this round of JISC Learning & Teaching Innovation Grants is as follows:

- Deadline for receipt of outline applications for internal selection: Monday 18th October 2010, 5pm

- Deadline for return of result of internal selection process: Wednesday 20th October 2010, 5pm

- JISC deadline for receipt of proposals: December 2010 (to be announced)

If you plan to submit an outline proposal to the internal selection process, please ensure that it takes the following format:

- Is approximately one (1) A4 page in length.

- Gives a summary of the proposed objectives, timescale and required resources.

- Exemplifies how the proposed work addresses the key criteria of the JISC call.

- Demonstrates how the proposal will excite the JISC reviewers.

Please submit your outline to *sarah.anderson@ed.ac.uk mailto:sarah.anderson@ed.ac.uk by the deadline of 5pm on Monday 18th October. The internal selection process will be conducted by John Lee and Hamish Macleod, with the result being approved by Jeff Haywood.

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