Monday, 10 September 2012

Digital Economy call

Pre-announcement for 3M funding on the Digital Economy

The call is Oct 2, you will need to register an intent to submit by Nov 19 and submit Dec 11.

Note that the proposal will require both technological and sociological elements, so you will probably need co-PIs from Humanities and Social Sciences.

If you would like help with finding collaborators, Jo Shaw (Dean of Research in HSS) or Bob Fisher might be able to help.

Scope of the Call

Proposals are invited from cross-disciplinary teams for flexible grants which will support a suite of related research and people-based activities, focussing on one or more thematic areas. The activity is
made up of two strands:

Research Focus

Addressing novel digital economy, economics and management research  challenges in a thematic area
Undertaking potentially transformative, truly cross-disciplinary research
Providing researchers with the opportunity to explore new research  questions across the disciplines.

People-Based Activities

To support a suite of people-based activities to grow a multidisciplinary  working environment To initiate new, long-term collaborations between researchers across the  digital economy, economics and management remit by stimulating innovative  approaches to collaboration between disciplines.
To alleviate barriers to collaboration and to identify practices that  support cross disciplinary research.

The proposal must look to address both streams; research focus and people-based activities, while meeting the objectives of the call.

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