Thursday, 27 September 2012

Fund: call for applications

Applications are invited for awards from the Wellcome Trust-University of Edinburgh Institutional Support Fund. The application form and guidance are at The next SBS/CSE deadline for applications is *4pm on Friday 12 October 2012*. This is to allow the proposals to assessed and submitted to the overall deadline date of 19 October 2012. Please submit your application and all relevant documentation to

For proposals from Science & Engineering Schools other than SBS, the proposing School(s) must contribute 25% of the total cost of the proposal (NB. SBS has already made this contribution to the overall pot). Any proposals must therefore have the support of the relevant Head of School.

Please be aware that while Wellcome have indicated that ISSF funding will continue at Edinburgh, this has yet to be officially confirmed by the Trust. This call is therefore made on the basis that funding will be
confirmed in early October.

The College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine and the School of Biological Sciences, College of Science and Engineering, have agreed to spend the Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund (WT-ISSF) in part in 'response mode' and in part 'top-down'. We have agreed to a series of deadlined calls for
i) support for strategic purposes only, to help towards applications to Wellcome and other major bodies; and
ii) top-down support for major, new initiatives.
Applications which involve collaborative work between Colleges (especially WT-funded groups) and which support likely IA/Fellowship/strategic/commercialisation award bids are particularly welcome.

Please be aware that only cases of clear strategic importance should be forwarded for consideration.

There will be a second call, with a deadline of Friday 1 March 2013 (SBS/CSE deadline 22 Feb 13). The timelines militate for some rapid decisions and picking some obvious winners, and to ensure the award funds are spent within the timeframe given.

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