Friday, 5 November 2010

Introducing the FET Young Explorers Scheme

Future and Emerging Technologies Open Scheme (FET-Open) Directorate General Information Society and Media, European Commission

FET-Open is pleased to announce a new funding initiative targeted at Europe's young scientists with high potential.

* FET Young Explorers* is a continuous scheme which is designed with the needs of young researchers and scientists in mind. It can provide some of Europe's most promising young scientists with the opportunity to take their ideas forward in the form of small STREP proposals, with possibility of funding in the order of EUR 1 million.

Successful projects must be led by a young researcher, and the leadership by young researchers of all work packages is also required. No more than six years should have elapsed between the award of a Ph.D. (or equivalent) for each such young researcher and the date of submission of the short proposal.

FET-Open has high ambitions for the scheme. It is looking for ideas from Europe's best young scientists, first ever ideas which can change the face of ICT and computing forever.

In keeping with the FET-Open spirit, the FET Young Explorers scheme is continuously open, and applies a two-step submission scheme and FET-Open specific eligibility and evaluation criteria.

More information on FET Young Explorers is available on the FET-Open web site or by contacting

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