Tuesday, 23 November 2010

EPSRC Collaboration Fund

There is an EPSRC Collaboration Fund call out.

This is a pilot funding initiative with aim of facilitating the exploitation of economic outcomes deriving from research that has previously benefited from EPSRC grant support. Grant support will only be provided to projects that involve a research organisation in collaboration with at least one commercialising entity. The focus of this collaboration should be the commercial exploitation of EPSRC supported research and the transfer of knowledge from academia to industry.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 03 December 2010.

What will it support

These activities might include, but are not limited to:

- Developing a prototype with the involvement of a commercialising partner;

- Undertaking trials and testing with a commercialising partner;

- Technical development that will offer a competitive edge or improve points of differentiation;

- Incorporation of the technology into an existing product, service or process;

- Market research which validates the commercial strategy and route to market;

- Undertaking an assessment of potentially competing technologies to validate unique selling points;

- Undertaking product demonstrations to potential customers or evaluation of the technology by potential end users.

The Fund will specifically not support:

- 'Blue sky' research;

- Applied research for companies;

- Associated intellectual property costs e.g. patent costs;

Awards will not exceed £100,000 (before fEC has been applied) Enquiries should be made to Finance South East: http://www.financesoutheast.com/ourfunds/index.aspx?id=1312

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