Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Leverhulme Research Leadership Awards 2012

Leverhulme Trust Research Leadership Awards *deadline 30^th April2012* This is a prestigious competition aimed at researchers who have completed a PhD but who are still relatively early on in their academic career. The University as a whole can only submit one application so potential candidates should be made are aware of the internal selection process. Please note that this internal selection process requires Schools and Centres to demonstrate their support for the application. The scheme in brief

The Leverhulme Trust funds research in all areas except the type of medical research that could be funded by the Wellcome Trust or MRC. The Trust aims to fund research which does not fall easily within the remit of the UK Research Councils. For more information about Leverhulme's ethos, visit

The Research Leadership Award provides substantial funding to allow a researcher early on in their academic career to establish a research team. Funding is in the region of £800,000-1,000,000 and lasts for up to five years. This scheme has run once before, in 2006-7; Edinburgh was not successful under this competition.

Internal selection process

The University's Research Policy Group ( rch/rpg)

will make the final decision about which University of Edinburgh candidate will be put forward for the Leverhulme Research Leadership Scheme. Potential University of Edinburgh candidates will be required to submit the following information to the internal selection process:

  • A copy of their CV
  • A one-page outline of their proposed research. This needs to include a brief statement on why Leverhulme will like this research, and an approximation of the resources required (students, research assistants, etc.).
  • A statement from the Head of School or Centre stating why the candidate is both excellent both in themselves and in their fit to the School's/Centre's research strategy.

This information must be submitted to Emma Gliori ( 51 4055) by *4pm, Thursday 16th February 2012*. There is no limit on how many applicants from any one School or Centre may submit applications to the internal selection process, but Research Policy Group reserves the option to ask Schools and Centres to rank their candidates if required.

Applicants and Schools are reminded that Leverhulme seeks to fund research that does not easily map to the aims and remits of the UK Research Councils.

Further information

If you have inquiries not answered by the information given here or Leverhulme's website, please contact Emma Gliori ( <>; 51 4055) in the first instance.

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