Monday, 1 March 2010

SE Funding News | 26th Feb | Bumper International Funding Issue | Next Year's EU Calls

*Wellcome Trust - Implementation of New Investigator Awards*

Applications for this new scheme will be accepted from 1st October 2010. If you wish to send an application for consideration at the first Investigator Awards funding round, you will need to apply before the closing date of Monday 22nd November 2010. Full scheme details will be available from 2nd June 2010.

To manage demand, you will not be able to apply for an Investigator Award if you:

* Are waiting to hear the result of an application to one of the schemes being phased out.
* Are the holder of a programme grant with more than 2 years left to run.

For further information, see the Wellcome Trust's website

*2011 EU Calls on Security*
a draft of the EU Security Work Programme for 2011 - lists all of the topics that are likely to come up when the calls open in summer 2010. Calls will probably have deadlines in November 2010 and will look at:
* Important capability gaps which can be filled using current technologies
* Validation of existing security solutions
* Key, critical capabilities needed by Europe where technologies are not yet mature
* High-risk/high-gain projects which may help the long-term development of new technologies

*Getting a Feel for Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships*
Interested in applying for or hosting a Marie Curie Fellowship (a type of postdoctoral fellowship), but like more info on what a project actually consists of? The EU has produced a document
which gives detailed information about projects already funded through the Marie Curie programme.

*International Collaboration*
*Royal Society of Edinburgh International Exchange Programme*
We've just heard that there is another round of funding available under this programme before the end of the financial year. The next deadline for both the Bilateral (= specific countries) and Open (= any countries not covered by Bilateral) schemes is *12th March 2010.*

*Edinburgh Global Development Fund*
The Edinburgh Global Fund (EG Fund) has been established to support the University's internationalisation activities. It will support the costs of building international partnerships and collaborative programme development, among other things. It will not support conference travel.

The Fund is intended for pump-priming activity, with the total award usually needing to be spent within the financial year in which the award is made. No strict cash limit is given.
Planned deadlines for the fund are *26th March and 10th September 2010* and *14th January 2011*.
Applicants may also wish to have a look at the Edinburgh Global website

*International Research Staff Exchange Scheme*
This scheme aims to strengthen research partnerships through staff exchanges and networking activities between European research organisations and organisations from outside the EU. It can be used to establish or reinforce long-term research co-operation. You get EUR 1900 per researcher per month ? so probably a top-up rather than full salary ? and the costs of networking, management and some overheads.

Anyone interested in applying should make sure they speak to Angela Noble (
first - Angela can give you the full pros and cons! This FAQ document
also provides valuable information. The deadline is *25th March 2010*.

*Britain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange (BIRAX)*
The aim of this scheme is to strengthen academic cooperation between universities in the UK and Israel by awarding grants for joint research. Funding of up to £30,000 is available for all fields of scientific research on the theme of 'Global Challenges in Energy and the Environment'. The deadline is *11th April 2010*.

*UK-China Research Projects in Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies, EPSRC*
Following on from two previous calls, collaborations between Chinese and UK researchers are invited on the topics of:

New technologies based on material advances
. Simulation and modelling of capture and transport
. Predicting and monitoring reservoir response
. CCS potential and pipeline network optimisation
. Solvent based post combustion capture
. CO2 physical properties and flow metering
Projects can last up to three years. A total of £4 million, half of which is from the Natural Science Foundation of China, is available to fund three or four projects. The deadline for applications is *15th April 2010*. *New European Science Foundation Calls*
All opportunities offered by the Foundation have in common a commitment to networking within Europe. The 2010 series of calls has just been announced.

*EUROCORES Outline Proposals*
Supports collaborative research involving at least three European countries. UK-based researchers can only participate in the call "Molecular Science for a Conceptual Transition from Fossil to Solar Fuels
the deadline for which (outlines only) is *26th March 2010.*

*Exploratory Workshops*
For a single workshop which will take place between February and December 2011. Will be open for applications shortly.

*EUROCORES Theme Proposals*
An opportunity to suggest topics for new, collaborative research programmes opens shortly. Successful suggestions will be released as calls for proposals in 2011.

*Research Conferences*
For a three day conference involving researchers from Europe and beyond. Will open for applications shortly.

*Research Networking Programmes*
For long-term networking activity for countries both within and outwith Europe. Call opens in July.

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