Friday, 15 January 2010

British Science Association Media Fellowships 2010

Want to know what it's like to be a science journalist?

If you do then the British Science Association Media Fellowships 2010 are for you.

Experience first hand how science is reported by spending 3-8 weeks with a national press, broadcast or internet journalist on a summer placement, working with them to produce accurate, well informed news pieces about developments in science.

Come away better equipped to communicate your research to the public and your colleagues. Learn to work within the constraints of the media and develop writing skills that could make journal articles and funding applications easier and more concise.

You are eligible to apply for the scheme if you:

* are a scientist, clinician, social scientist or engineer * have a minimum of 2 years postgraduate experience in your field * are a resident of the UK * Work at any level in an academic or research institution, industry, civil service or any other similar organisation

Hosts have included The Guardian, Nature, BBC News and the Times.

For details about the scheme, including an online application form, visit <>

Application deadline: 2 March 2010


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